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Forested Trail Food Plot Seed

While Forested Trail Blend is a shade tolerant mix, it does need some sunlight. East/west trails work well. Also look for openings with southern…

Wildlife Habitat Food Plot Seed

Wildlife Habitat is the only mix we offer with grass. The grass component offers some resistance and durability under occasional vehicle travel and was…

Secret Weapon Planted Food Plot Seed

Secret Weapon is a blend of winter peas and forage soybeans combined with a blend of brassicas. The brassicas include turnips, forage rape, and…

Buck Forage Oats

When it comes to providing quality fall forage, nothing beats oats! Buck Forage Oats are much more winter-hardy than most others. They tend to…

Buck Forage Clover

This ladino white clover is a high-quality, low maintenance, highly productive...

Buck Buster Extreme Seed Mix

Buck Buster Extreme is designed to be planted in the early fall as a fall/winter food plot. It will also serve extremely well as…


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